How to Index your Website on Google

Follow this guide to learn how to notify Google when pages are added or removed using

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  • 1) Add your Site to Google Search Console

    Go to google search console at, log in, and add your site.


    Optional: Submit your sitemap

    It's ok if you don't have a sitemap.xml, but it's easier for google to understand your website structure.


    2) Index your Pages

    Method 1 (easy): Connecting your Google Account

    This one is easier, as you only need to connect your Google Account, and link the account where you submitted your property/site.

    1. Go to

    2. Click on Google Accounts

    3. Click on "Add Account"

    1. Give permission to Indexer


    You should now have your site(s) connected.

    Method 2: Using a Credentials File

    1. Go to APIs & Services in Google Cloud console

    2. Enable Google Search Console API

    3. Enable Web Search Indexing API

    1. Go to Credentials and select your service account (or create one)

    2. Click "Keys"

    3. Click "Create new key"

    4. Select "JSON" as the key type

    5. Add this service account to your Google Search Console members

    6. Now your service account credentials can be used to add your sites on

    3) Index your Pages

    Whether you added your site(s) using a JSON credentials file or connected your Google Account directly, you can now index all your pages by click in "Reindex all" or one by one by clicking in "Index URL".


    You can click on your site to inspect the latest indexing requests:


    Contact me at if you have any questions.